SpaceCorp: A Solo Itch

Yes, it’s back! The itch to play something, to roll some dice, to game solo… it is sweeping around back into my life. Although it never seems to stick around for very long, the need to play is built into my psyche and, given long enough without a game, I will feel driven to go it alone. After all, I haven’t played a game for more than a week!

Who knows what I will play? I certainly don’t… although the SF itch is strong this time.

I’ve been reading the rather outrageous fiction of Ejner Fulsang, “SpaceCorp” and dreaming of the kind of hard-SF adventures he is trying to inspire. This all came off the back of playing SpaceCorp the boardgame, of course, and I’ve been enjoying the ride.

I know little more than what I have garnered from Fulsang’s essays about space exploration and some general knowledge about astrophysics. I feel woefully underqualified to build a game around these ideas. But does that really matter if I play alone?

It’s the perfect World for a GURPS adaptation. I need to roll some dice. Is it time to get out and explore?

Game on!

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