Trekkie Temptations

Perhaps it was triggered by watching Picard Season Two, Episode Two but the other night I watched the first double-episode of Deep Space Nine (again) and felt myself drawn back into one of my deepest pleasures, that of watching old Star Trek series.

Although I received the recently released Star Trek Adventures Player’s Guide and Gamemaster’s Guide books some weeks back, I have only just cracked open the shrink wrap and peeked inside.

Interestingly, they appear to be written for a whole new generation of Star Trek fans who may not have much knowledge of the iconic TV shows of the past.

Taken together, these books offer a great overview of the Star Trek Universe and open the door to players who may know little or nothing of the shows and films. More than that, however, there are new options for play and loads of advice for people on either side of the GM’s Screen.

As for me, I am once again drawn towards wanting to play this game another time. I’ve had a few deeply memorable and exciting games with Modiphius’ 2d20 system set in the Star Trek Universe. Each game left me hungry for more. The challenge, of course, is finding players who will brave the future with me.

Friends are (for the most part) not Trekkies like me. They fear their own lack of knowledge of the Universe and worry that they won’t enjoy play. I think the Player’s Guide does a lot to address this concern and offers a great way to slowly immerse yourself into the milieu without having to subject yourself to a marathon TV binge.

These are thoughtful and clever products. They are useful to the uninitiated but also offer new ideas to the veteran. Nice one, Modiphius.

Game on!

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