My Apologies, Listeners

I need to make an apology.

Over the past couple of weeks Roleplay Rescue has moved host from Anchor over to Acast. While this should have been a simple matter in which the change was so smooth listeners may not have noticed, the reality has been far from smooth.

The consequences of a simple typo have left several platforms not updating properly and we even had to change the entire Apple Podcasts link for the show. This should not have happened and I am deeply sorry it has. Thank you for seeking out the new RSS feed link and persevering. I need to do better in the future.

For those looking for the show, Anchor have fixed the broken forwarding link and over the coming days services affected should resume. The only exception will be the Apple Podcasts link which, as I posted the other day, has had to permanently change.

To help you find the show and update your podcatcher, here are a few useful links:

Acast RSS Feed: 

Acast Hosted RPR Website: 

Apple Podcasts Link:

My deepest apologies to all affected.

Game on!

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