Different Styles

Playing in some games, especially with new people, I am often struck by the different styles of play that are presented at the table. At these moments, the various suggestions about player taxonomy I’ve encountered through the years truly come to the fore.

I am an active player – what Jamison calls “Action Camp”, as opposed to the “Acting Camp” – and it is always stunning to me that another player might derive deep satisfaction from (say) going to buy a cloak at the town store and acting out the whole scene.

Two of the most useful books in helping to figure out HOW to roleplay

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that we all come to the table for different reasons. While I am grinding my teeth with impatience in the fantasy shop, another player might be deeply immersed in the scene. I have had to learn to practice patience at the table and allow space for the other approaches to emerge.

In my own journey, I have been embracing the “Acting Mode” a little more session-by-session, allowing myself to enter into the role not just from the perspective of thought-processes but also in terms of voice, mannerisms, and attitudes. Of course, this can be uncomfortable but it is also potentially rich.

The key is to keep showing up. To offer one’s self to the groups you are involved with. To try new things. And, yes, to occasionally break, hit, or otherwise invoke mayhem when the opportunity arises.

Game on!

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