Tonight we are convening for a face-to-face game played in the Wilderlands of High Fantasy using the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game (DFRPG). With just 24 hours to prep (and 7 hours or so of those asleep), I’ve been assembling my DFRPG Go-Kit, based on the ideas I outlined some weeks back.

From top left, here’s my kit list:

  • Bag of D6 dice (several smaller dice for damage rolls, larger sets of 3x3D6 for most other rolls)
  • Delvers To Grow template cards (see notes below)
  • A5 pad of dotted paper.
  • 5-room dungeon on index cards (map card + room cards)
  • DFRPG character sheets x4
  • Character Creation Cheat Sheet (useful for table lookups)
  • GM’s Apprentice Fantasy Deck (for random inspiration – most useful for names)
  • Exploits and GM Screen for me
  • Adventurers and Spells for players to reference
  • Hidden beneath is a Fantasy Trip box containing a megahex set, hex stands, and DFRPG stand-up figures (totally optional, not sure I’ll use them but…)

Not shown but also going in the bag is my iPad upon which are all the DFRPG .PDF books and the Wilderlands digital maps.

Delvers To Grow Template Cards

Collaborating with a friend of mine (thanks, Bob!), we’ve stripped the basic text from the Delvers To Grow supplement by Gaming Ballistic and turned them into index cards.

Using index cards allows players to make fast choices by choosing the templates they need from the relevant choices. Fewer things to read will mean faster decision-making, especially as you can easily limit each step of the process to fewer than 7 choices at a time.

Here’s an example using the 62pts Novice Strong Delver, adding the Barbarian profession, then choosing an upgrade module and two disadvantage modules:

I would dearly love a professional set of these cards but, alas, they are not economically viable for Gaming Ballistic. No frills but, for my home table, they will do the job.

Just need to scribble down a few notes for the first session – choose a starting place for “Town” and then set up a few rumours, some random encounter tables, and an excuse to enter that first dungeon… and, well, that will probably be good enough for Session 1.

Natty stack which…
…will slip nicely into my shoulder bag.

Here’s hoping this experiment in blending the basic roleplaying game structures (dungeoncrawl and hexcrawl, plus combat scenes) with a classic old Wilderlands map, the DFRPG rules, and some imagination will lead to a great pick-up Open Table we can run for weeks and months to come.

Game on!

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