Teaching Independence

Tonight at the D&D Club which runs at school, the students didn’t need the adults at all. Well, except that one of us needs to be in the room and take responsibility, but that’s our adult rule.

Peeking over a teenage shoulder…

Because Mr Marks wasn’t able to attend, I was all ready to run a quick Open Table game with those students but I needn’t have worried: one lad rocked up with a D&D adventure they had written and off they went. They have even recruited a new player to make up the numbers.

This is, of course, what we would have done back in the 1980s. I should not have been surprised. Teens are remarkably able to be independent and take ownership of their hobbies.

Sitting watching them, listening in to their games, I feel nothing short of admiration. It is a joy to see. They really don’t need me. We have taught them independence.

Game on!

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