Hexen Patrol Base

I had an enormous amount of fun on Sunday creating and then playing through a largely random mission to attempt the rescue of a Human Resistance operative who had been taken prisoner by the Hexen. This was the opening move of my Open Table game idea from last week.

Here’s what I did…

The imagined mission was that a single Resistance Scout was to infiltrate an underground structure designated a “Hexen Patrol Base”. Intel suggested there would be no more than two Hexen Warriors present and that a Resistance Prisoner was inside being interrogated.

First, I created two creatures: a Hexen Hound – basically a six-legged hunting dog tweaked from the animal stats in GURPS Basic Set (Campaigns); also a Hexen Warrior which was tweaked from the Myrmidon stats in GURPS Fantasy. Because I had no idea how Ultra-tech stuff feels in GURPS, I gave the Warrior a blaster pistol and a force sword… which turned out to be overkill.

Next, I grabbed a Location Crafter sheet and wrote up the Hexen Patrol Base for use with that solo tool. This is a great approach and just as useful when I have other players at the table. All it requires is a little bit of tracking and 1d6. This meshes well with GURPS… seeing as that’s a D6-based game system.

From there, I grabbed out the highly-versatile mega-hex tiles from my copy of The Fantasy Trip and used those to run the mission with some stand-up paper minis. As a location was entered, I added the appropriate mega-hex tile to the growing map. The only thing I really need to add for live play is some decent paper minis for Hex-shaped Sci-Fi doors and the Hexen Warriors: something insectoid with weapons would be ideal.

Finally, I created a quick character (using my GURPS Go Kit) for the raiding Resistance Scout and had them delve into the location. They did well initially – breaking through five locations, killing a couple of Hexen Hounds, and picking up some cool bits. It all went wrong when they broke into the Control Room and encountered the Hexen Warrior.

I wasn’t quite ready for the impact of a Force Sword: 8d6 damage which divides armour by 5. Ouch! Yeah, poor old Jens died horribly… but it was a load of fun to run!

I am going to dial down the Hexen Warrior’s gear for next time. It’d also run better with a small team, making this an ideal mission for an actual player-led group. But, on the whole, this was a really good success.

Perhaps I will be able to tempt someone to try it out sometime soon.

Game on!

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  1. Its amazing that you’re looking at this. I was just thinking about starting a solo campaign about modern day folks exploring an alien installation that has portals to other planets. Its not the same idea, but it has some strong similarities.

    Force swords are scary, yeah, unless you can deal with them at range, but your rooms seem to be quite small. And shooting first is unlikely to be terribly effective vs. a HT 13 force sword wielder with extra attack. Seems that the best way to defend against them is with another force sword… if you know how to use it.

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