What About The Podcast?

Since Season 9 ended, about six weeks or so ago, a few people have commented on how the Interregnum has been the longest in Roleplay Rescue‘s short history. With that in mind, I made a couple of decisions this week and thought you might enjoy an update.

I have just completed script-writing for the first two episodes of the show. The main barrier to recording has been having the confidence to turn on the mic and speak. My internal response to that, once I realised that I was making excuses for my anxiety, was to set a deadline: episode one needs to air on or before the 18th December 2021.

I have recorded an interview with the ever-friendly Christopher R. Rice – a writer of several GURPS books (among many things) – and this will give us a third episode in the forthcoming series. Actually, Christopher got talking about a forthcoming book for GURPS Dungeon Fantasy entitled, “Thieves” and gave me permission to release that short section immediately. You can hear it now right here: Talking Thieves With Christopher R. Rice

It’s also worth noting that my plan is to extend the “early access” period for Patrons of the show from a couple of days out further, perhaps to as much as a week or two ahead of main release. Basically, as soon as an episode is recorded and edited it will go to $3 and $5 Patrons on their exclusive Patreon feed. I hope that will allow me some buffer time to write, record, and edit episodes for the main Anchor release schedule.

Finally, I should tell you that the new season will be focused much more on my own particular approach to roleplaying games. We are pushing out into some experimental territory and I believe the episodes will reflect that. In terms of my own podcasting, I am determined to stop censoring myself and to speak with clarity and openness, despite what my anxiety is telling me.

I hope that regular listeners to the show will stick with us and that the Roleplay Rescue community will endure, even grow. Rest assured that my core values – of creating a community of discovery in which people can feel accepted – remain paramount in my mind.

Hopefully you are as excited as I am. In the meantime, go and listen to Christopher’s interview clip.

Game on!

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