Amon Sûl

This week I began listening to the Amon Sûl podcast from Ancient Faith Ministries. This is an Orthodox Christian show so it’s probably not for everyone but the focus is on the spiritual value of Tolkien’s legendarium.

Listening to the second episode – on Amon Sûl itself – was evocative for me. As I re-visited the descriptions of Weathertop, I was transported to the place in my mind. My mood shifted and I was, once again, reminded of the familiarity of this world of Middle-earth.

I have always wanted to roleplay in Middle-earth. To visit Amon Sûl and other legendary places in the world has deeply inspired me over the years, perhaps ever since I first visited Moria as a young Hobbit. But it has never quite come to pass… at least, not yet.

Amon Sul by love or death

I am looking forward to receiving the physical rewards of The One Ring Second Edition. I remain ever hopeful that someone will either run a game I can play in – preferably with fellow travellers who want to explore the world – or that I can at least find some willing players whom I can invite on the journey with me as GM.

But it’s more than any other fantasy world for me. Middle-earth is so much more tangible and visceral in my imagination. Its places are the most fully realised of all the many worlds I have visited – including even the mighty Glorantha.

Oh, how I long to walk those paths with curiosity as my guide. There is much to be experienced and understood there. And Amon Sûl, the fallen watchtower, is as good a place as any to begin.

Game on!

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