School Club Session Zero

Teenagers amaze me with their interest, energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. Today I was reminded of all of that as I opened the door on a rebooted Dungeons & Dragons Club in the school where I work. Eight students came to find out more – four who played a little bit during the last year in the five or so sessions we got to enjoy, and four total newbies. Excellent stuff!

But it gets even better: one of my colleagues, Mr Marks, has joined the group too and he’s going to DM the four older and slightly more experienced players. I get the newbies and we are going to play using the Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set. I think Mr Marks is going to run the beginning of one of the bigger campaigns. For the first time in 8 years in this job, I am not alone! Amazing!

Yeah, I know that D&D5e isn’t exactly my jam… but it’s what four new 11 year old proto-gamers will enjoy and it’s a stepping stone into the wider hobby of roleplaying games. They have chosen their characters from pregens in the Starter Set and we are all set to play next week.

So here we are – it’s a new school year; we are able to play face-to-face; we’ve got two groups of players, two DMs, and a whole bucket of dice. I am exciting to get started.

Game on!

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