Palladium Dungeon Fantasy

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about the ideas I talked about recently in Episode 5 of the current season of the podcast:

What I want to do is explore worlds of fantasy. And that might not need to be a strict genre label either – I am as intrigued by Monte Cook’s Numenera as I am with Middle-Earth. But when I look at what I buy, the stuff that excites me offers a world of adventure… not in the abstract sense, but in terms of a specific realm.

Season 9, Episode 5: “Finding My Blend: Fantastic Worlds”

One of the key suggestions I made in that episode was to visit an existing world but pare it down to a manageable start. In other words, to start somewhere small and lightly sketched… and take it from there.

Mulling it over, I realised that there are a couple of fantasy worlds that I simply love and which I believe would make for truly rich gaming experiences. One of those worlds is the Palladium Fantasy “Known Realm” published for the Palladium Fantasy Roleplaying Game.

I discovered Palladium back in the 1st edition when I picked up the revolutionary perfect-bound paperback tome. I was drawn to the imagery and the promise of a more interesting approach to fantasy roleplaying. Although, over the years, I have gravitated away from playing the game rules from Palladium, I have always enjoyed the setting books. I have one or two of them on the grand stacks of roleplaying at home:

This past weekend, while also mulling over the desire to return to some GURPS fantasy play, I hit upon a simple idea: I would try playing a game of the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game set within the amazing world of Palladium’s Known Realm. I printed off a copy of the world map, dug out my books – initially, I was wanted to visit the Baalgor Wastelands… but that might be a bit ambitious with 62 points characters. We shall see.

But all of the nitty-gritty details of exactly how I might bring a game of GURPS set in Palladium’s Known World aside… I wanted to make a note that I was working on the idea. Just in case anyone else fancies playing.

Am I crazy? It strikes me that when I keep talking about how much I love to explore fantastic worlds that perhaps I ought to get on and do it.

Game on!


  1. Looking forward to hearing about/reading how u got on in Palladium world n how far you’ll go with it.
    If I wasn’t already invested in Mystamyr n could guarantee availability beyond August, I’d happily sign up to explore Palladium …. with the significant detail that I know absolutely nothing about it beyond what I can see of the map in ur photo and it’s name.

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    • Right now, as you’ll hear in episode 8 on Saturday, I am initiating a project to develop the Palladium world for play with GURPS… the main thing that has changed is that I feel I am ready to try a fuller application of the game rules to a world and so I may go further than running with Dungeon Fantasy RPG. More news to come, I expect.

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  2. That does look like a very interesting map. Once again, Che, you’ve distracted me from one system I’m reading to go look at another one, by digging out the copy of PFRPG that I bought from you.

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  3. I have been running GURPS games in the Palladium Fantasy world for decades at this point. We’re currently on session 200ish of the 2nd run of the campaign (which went to 150 or so sessions) I love it! Started with lowly 100 point characters and one is now up to about 800 points!


  4. Oops. Sorry. Somehow my initial comment didn’t go through! Before the above post I commented I was glad to have found your post on this topic, because I also have been wanting to convert Palladium Fantasy to either GURPS or Dungeon World. I hope you’ll keep us posted on your findings! it must be done!


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