Barriers To Play

What are the barriers to getting back to the table? I’m revisiting this question in preparation for the fifth anniversary of the podcast later this year and I’m curious what folks might have to say.

For me, that barriers are mostly in my head, beliefs and hang-ups that I am working to overcome. Stuff like my inherent shyness and nervousness about meeting strangers, even if those people might hold the potential to become friends through gaming.

There’s also all the baggage I carry around about the limitations of time given my busy career. The reality is not so much that I don’t have spare time – I have several hours a week, in fact – but the experience of having so many hours after work wherein I am exhausted.

Friends tell me that they don’t have the liberty for gaming because of family commitments on top of their own busy working lives. Some are not giving themselves permission to play because they believe that adults shouldn’t be wasting time on such frivolities. The cost to our health is enormous.

But perhaps there are other reasons. Are you stymied by all the choices of games out there? Are you hesitant about “getting it right”? Do you have some question that no one else seems to quite provide an answer for? If so, let me know in the comments below.

Game on!

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  1. Hey Che, really enjoy your podcast, and one of these days I will muster up the courage to leave you a voice message. I totally understand where you’re coming from, in terms of struggling with the prospect of meeting new people, even if they can become good friends. My closest friends here in Calgary were met through a DnD session, but I almost didn’t go to the session that led to me meeting them. I also struggle with not wanting to run a rushed or poorly prepared game. To both of us, I would say that the rewards outweigh the potential discomfort, and the creative act is incredibly restorative, as is allowing ourselves to play. Anyway mate, keep up the good work, and I look forward to hearing more of what you’re up to.

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