Chess and Savage Giveaways

Today’s gaming club meeting at the school was cool – I gave away a full set of Savage Worlds Adventure Edition stuff, gave away a Doctor Who Starter Set, and then I taught a young student to play chess. In the meantime, three other chaps took to playing chess while the regular big ol’ D&D group cracked on with their session. It was a hoot!

Savage Worlds is a great game but ever since backing the Adventure Edition way back… whenever, pre-pandemic, I think… well, I’ve played it maybe twice. I also bought into Savage Rifts and never got it to the table. The game has literally been gathering dust for more than 5 years. Today, one young lad from school took it all home to play with.

Doctor Who is another good game but I won’t get it to the table. I ordered the new Starter Set for the old school club but then left that employment. Today, I gave the boxed set to another young man so they can enjoy it instead. Big smiles make letting go easier.

Over all, today was a good day for gaming. Here’s hoping the students keep playing.

Game on!

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