March Snow

Listening to the GM’s Journal / DM’s Diary, you’ll often hear me out walking and muttering on about tabletop roleplaying games. My morning walk takes me around 4km of local streets and then up the highest hill in the area.

Occasionally, someone asks me about what the area looks like. This morning, with the March snowfall and enough dawn light to make it worthwhile, I snapped a couple of photos.

This is the view approaching the bottom of the hill, along the public footpath:

From there, I turn right and head through a narrow anti-cycling “gate” to view the base of the hill with the track heading off around it. In the past few days, the Council has laid tarmac on that track. The hill is to my left:

Left takes me up my favourite pathway, shown here to the right of the photo, with the easiest path on the left hand side:

After recording my bit this morning, I arrived at the top of the hill and, turning right, look out over the rising grass running to the summit. At the top is an iron sculpture of a man walking a dog. In the snow, it was idyllic and still:

This morning, the joy and freedom I experienced atop that lil’ ol’ hill was palpable.

Game on!

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