Aspiring Higher

In the final few chapters of, “Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants To Be,” author Steven Pressfield reveals one of the laws of Resistance :

“Resistance is always strongest at the finish.”

Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants To Be, Steven Pressfield (2022), Chapter 71, p120.

This resonated with me, as did most of this rather short but interesting book. But that was a prelude to the really interesting final section.

Creativity, he asserts, comes from a “Higher Dimension”. This is above the Material Plane but also “permeates and interacts with this plane.” For him, the artist’s skill is to access that Higher Dimension. This also resonated with me.

Pressfield’s book speaks of Jung’s model of the psyche – as interpreted through the lens of Tom Laughlin – and ultimately tells us to:

“Blow off your ego. Move to your Self.”

Put Your Ass Where Your Heart Wants To Be, Steven Pressfield (2022), Chapter 74, p128.

Reading this today, I couldn’t help but feel like Pressfield was speaking directly to my own struggles with creativity and commitment. I know that RPGs may not seem much like it to the passing stranger, but I believe that there is art to be found at the gaming table.

For me, the issue has always been that my Ego is so much stronger than my Self – that what my heart wants is generally overwhelmed by my selfish inner voice, that critic which tells me I am a loser. That’s why I struggle with anxiety. That’s what makes me flaky as f*$£ at the gaming table.

But my heart wants me to play. To write that RPG book. To design this adventure. And it’s time to put my ass where my heart wants to be.

It’s a good read.

Game on!

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