Exhausted and Lost?

Wish I knew what to write about today but, after the first full day back in school and working, I am exhausted. This is a common state for working gamers: tired and without the energy to think, let alone play.

Days like today, I remember to roll the Tiny Prep 1D6 Table and do just one small thing.

Tonight it was “add a person, place, thing, or item” to the world. I ended up logging some random questions and answers I have been mulling about an NPC in my Stars, Darkened game. That was enough and it made me smile to celebrate that much prep.

So that’s my tip for today: just do one tiny thing in your prep for the game you have next session. One small step is all you need because, tomorrow, you can take another tiny step. All those steps add up over time.

And, yes, I know I’ve mentioned this before. It’s such an important point that I thought I would mention it again.

Game on!

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