Spies Arriving

My trip down memory lane to the era of 3rd Edition D&D led me towards an old favourite game that (for some reason) I sold some years ago. As it’s kind pricey to buy a book second-hand, I had the whole thing printed up and the binder arrived today.

Sometimes, I feel like reading the .PDF is too much to absorb but a printed book or binder of pages is just my cup of tea. It’s exciting to have a full-colour copy of the rules to flip around in, especially a the game is essentially a big toolkit.

Spycraft 2.0 was a pretty innovative design back in 2005 and has lots of great tips to guide the aspiring Game Control. I’m looking forward to diving back into the tome and seeing if I can muster an espionage game for my friends. Given that it can handle any modern or near-future world you care to imagine, I am sure I’ll come up with something interesting.

Game on!


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