D&D Club News

It has long been my contention that the best way to get young adults into the roleplaying games hobby is to first show them how to play with a good introductory experience, and then to give them some products to go mess around with. Tonight’s session at the school D&D Club proves the value of this approach: two GMs running groups of 6 and 8 players respectively, all having a good time, and not needing much beyond help with the photocopier.

It was a joy to watch excited new gamers taking their early steps into a fabulous hobby. One new GM told me that he really felt the thing was to, “make it up and get them to roll dice when things aren’t very certain.” I loved seeing the shenanigans unfold around the room. A loud argument with tower guards on one side and a battle with giant snails on the other. Awesome! Best question: “Do snails bleed?” They decided it was probably blue goop.

Had some adult visitors in to the form of colleagues who also play today. They confessed to being jealous of the support we’d received from the community in providing the products – Starter Sets, dice, and a few core rulebooks. They were surprised that so many gamers out there would be so generous to teenagers. Big thanks to all the patrons and friends who made this possible – you made the club what it is becoming!

So we got to me being defunct and free from having to run a game in just four sessions. From nothing, you guys have helped create a vibrant club which will continue to grow. I already have rumours that there are some older students – currently I limited the club to the lower school – who want to come along. That’s a good sign.

Thank you! Can’t wait to see what they cook up next week!

Game on!

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