Dice Men

The book telling the story of the early days of Games Workshop arrived a couple of days back and I’ve been slowly reading it over the past couple of nights. Just wanted to give it a big thumbs up and suggest that anyone interested in the D&D-era of GW will probably enjoy it!

The style is light and very readable, in that nice flowing style which Ian Livingstone and Steve Jackson are renowned for writing. It’s organised by topics and deals with the chronology in a topic-by-topic format through the 1970s and 1980s hobby scene. Lots of illustrations and photos from the products and events spoken about.

I enjoyed learning about how GW acquired the license to distribute D&D in Europe/UK, as well as the story of Games Day’s and Dragonmeet’s creation. As the ex-Games Day Manager from 1998-2001, I enjoyed the event photos and mentions of many old colleagues from the company who were around when I joined GW in 1994.

It’s a good read and quite the tome too – hardbacked and bigger than you’d expect. If GW is your bag, especially from the old White Dwarf days, check it out.

Game on!

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