Unguarded Treasure

Tomorrow, I host the first session of the new school club at the secondary school wherein I work. Seventeen students have signed up, so I think I will have my hands full. It’ll be interesting to find out how many are total newbies and if there are any other GM’s already playing.

The great thing is that I am able to take along a selection of useful gifts with which to encourage new players to become new GM’s, courtesy of the Roleplay Rescue Patrons. Big thank you to all of the August and October Patrons who have funded a big bag of goodies!

While the likelihood is that players will be wanting to play the current edition of Dungeons & Dragons, I want to make sure that different options are on hand. Because Basic Fantasy is free as a download and very cheap to get in print (about £5 from Amazon Print-on-Demand), it seems sensible to make students aware of it. The Face Folio is courtesy of Goblin’s Henchman and will be a fun add-on to pass around – maybe it’ll inspire some characters.

All of it is getting bundled into a shoulder bag and taken along. In case I need to run a massive introductory game, I am packing my Basic Dungeons & Dragons (1981) booklet and have printed off a load of classic character sheets. It’ll be much easier to get a quick game going without having to worry about all those complicated modern D&D rules.

Here’s hoping it all goes well.

Game on!

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