School Club Update

Quick bit of news today: we begin a Dungeons & Dragons Club at my new school from Wednesday 2nd November. Last I checked there were about 8-10 students signed up, which is very encouraging. So begins a new chapter in my teenager roleplaying journey.

Sessions are about an hour, so I am going to head down Old School Avenue and run an introductory foray into a dungeon using the Basic/Expert D&D from 1981. My colleague is going to offer some D&D 5e, so I feel like this is a good way to begin. Most of anything, my game can be fast-paced and welcoming to newbies.

In the longer term, I may opt to run Greg Gillespie’s new Dwarf-themed megadungeon, “Dwarrowdeep“. This is largely because it’s designed for 1st Level upwards and I can run it with classic D&D rules with relative ease. It’s also great for building a sense of continuity as players inevitably come and go.

All in all, I want to capitalise on the viral nature of early D&D in that it’s so easy to begin play that it can easily transmit from one group of friends to another. With a bit of luck and encouragement, I should be able to tempt some players to become DMs down the line.

As ever, RPR Patron funds are being invested in sets of polyhedral dice to give away to newbies, a couple of D&D Starter Sets, and possibly even getting some copies of B/X printed up for student reference. Thanks to all the Patrons who make this possible!

Game on!


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