Discovering Character

Saturday Night was a beginning session for a new campaign being run by Rev. Derek for the group. Following on from the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay mini-campaign, Derek has chosen to play MythrasMythic Britain and we were creating characters.

We opted to roll and assign the core characteristics – think: BRP’s usual array – and I was reminded of how much fun it can be to discover your character from random rolls. The process was the incremental design of a character from the clues given by the dice.

For example, the rolls were made: five 3d6 scores, and two 2d6+6 scores. I rolled 9, 10, 12, 10, 13 and 10, 14. The two latter scores are for INT and SIZ; I was drawn to assign the 14 to SIZ, making him a burly type of fellow. That left the 10 for INT and average smarts. Then I noticed the list of secondary careers (because everyone is a Celtic Warrior first and foremost) and felt drawn to “Priest”.

From there, I assigned the 13 to POW, the 12 to CHA, and the 9 to DEX. I was imagining a burly but sluggish bruiser turned Monk. He is connected to the mystical world by dint of having felt called by God to the Christian Church. From there, details surfaced as other choices were made.

The point is that I had no idea who my character would be before we began. The roll of the dice suggested a couple of strengths and I decided to go with the images that popped into mind. Piece-by-piece the whole character began to appear.

I could have easily rolled them down the line and the suggestions would have been more concrete – he would have been smart, weak, and dextrous – but either way works for me. In other words, sometimes I am happy to roll with whatever suggestions random chance deals me.

I’m looking forward to seeing how Brother Julius fares as we enter Mythic Britain and discover what challenges await our little band,

Game on!


  1. While rolling each stat down the line is fun as well, I already had an idea of the type and personality of a character I would like to try in this game. With rolls of 15, 14, 10, 14, 8 then 8, & 16 and placing them in order, it would have been difficult to play a character that was more brains than brawn, one who had to out think his opponents rather than brute force it. Still, the scores were definitely above average and gave me a more complete idea of how this character would act in situations.

    Now, I see one of the shortest members of the clan but has more strength and intelligence that his small stature may suggest to others. Those values did lead me to push higher values into those skill areas that supported this clearer vision. Wonder what Julius makes of Ferris ap Calum


  2. Good luck with playing Brother Julius. I generally prefer discovering a character during the character creation process rather than using a prepared idea. Mythic Britain is on my shortlist of worlds to discover, especially as the Gwynedd supplement is due for release shortly which covers an area of the country I live very close to.

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    • This was not a prepared idea. I rolled and then got inspired… but, to be honest, I was less than impressed with my first session because I couldn’t get him into the game. Ho hum.


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