Lost On The Path

How many times have I spoken and written about the feeling of being lost? It seems this is another loop that I am doomed to wander around and around, seemingly endlessly returning.

Perhaps it’s the weather (it’s another heatwave here), or maybe it’s just the accumulation of time spent at home during the holidays. I don’t really know why it happens but it’s happening again this past couple of days.

The feeling is an empty sense of blank. Unable to think and certainly unable to create. Stuck. Stopped.

In times past, I have tended to simply ride it out. To feel it and acknowledge the emotions. Acceptance of being lost on the road. This too, as always before, shall pass.

But it’s damned uncomfortable and I still don’t like the emotions that swirl around me. Perhaps writing about it will help.

Game on.


  1. I feel for u fella, sounds very familiar.

    I get the sense from experience that acknowledging and facing that discomfort is good, to understand what it looks n feels like, but then it’s time to do something… anything.
    Doing generally feels good.
    Pick one of ur lil prep tasks maybe, or try some solo?

    Hope it helps n u get thru this current funk v soon.
    Take care chief, stay hydrated.

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