Three Good Podcasts

Here are three more good podcasts that I’ve found to be entertaining and/or useful for my own roleplaying games hobby.

Legend of The Bones

Simon Williams’ Legend of The Bones podcast is a solo old-school hybrid inspired by Tale of The Manticore. You get a well-crafted story which emerges from a roleplaying experience Simon has blended from the basic rules of classic B/X D&D and his own fantasy world. It’s dark and serious, evoking British fantasy themes that feel like they are rooted in the 1980’s. This is good one for the commute home.

Gaming From The First Age

Podcaster “First Age” produces a thought-provoking and engaging show which is largely based around musings about various roleplaying games, plus the conventions he runs or attends. He’s a big fan of 4th Edition D&D, a game I gave up on long before 5e arrived, but the enthusiasm and commitment to his long-running campaign is inspirational. Gaming From The First Age talks about a lot of great stuff and is worth tuning into every month.

Minions and Musings

Host of Minions and Musings, Evil Jeff is currently reviewing all of the books from Talislanta and, as with past “deep dives” into various games, delivers an insightful review of each tome. I love that he’s opinionated and forthright, never holding back, and engages thoughtfully with the call-ins he receives from listeners. To cap it all off, he occasionally talks the Minions within his household to join in and those episodes are always top stuff!

Hope that you will check at least one of those shows out. All of them keep me company to and from work, being highly recommended podcasts from the roleplaying community.

Game on!


  1. That is a very generous thing to have you say. I’m trying to get the minions on more but they are being shy. Might have to trick them.

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