Cthulhu Awakes!

Another product tease tonight as my copy of the reprinted Call of Cthulhu Boxed Set arrived. Being a person who never got into Cthulhu until I was much older, and still hasn’t played more than a few isolated scenarios, I’ve been looking forward to this as my gateway into running the Mystery Scenario Structure.

The truly cool thing in my mind is that I can also place this game into the larger historical framework that I have been exploring over the past three years (and talking about on the podcast). How does Call of Cthulhu fit into the early development of the roleplaying game? It’s surely pivotal and a key addition to the greater whole.

I’m looking forward to delving in deeper and exploring the how to of running mystery-based scenarios. While I own the 7th Edition game, I feel that this old boxset might hold deeper secrets and additional insights for me as I seek to begin playing in the genre. As long as I can pass my Sanity Check I believe there is dark and eldritch lore for me to absorb.

Game on!

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