Talking To The Alexandrian

Having just released my interview with The Alexandrian himself, Justin Alexander, I thought I would do something I rarely do on the blog: pimp the podcast episode and encourage you to take a listen.

Justin Alexander is the single biggest influence on this podcast, a huge inspiration to me as a gamer and Game Master, and just about the best source of roleplaying wisdom I have come across on the internet.

We hopped online and recorded a tour de force through at least three of his strongest themes that I learned over the past 6 to 8 years or so of reading his blog. On top of finding out a bit more about his gaming history, I enjoyed discussing his ideas around Game Structures, Open Table Games, and his experiences with 1974 Dungeons & Dragons.

If you like this then you’ll be delighted to know that Justin is also the host of his own YouTube channel. His work is noted for its insight, good humour, and deeply thoughtful suggestions.

Hope you enjoy the interview and thanks again to Justin for coming on Roleplay Rescue!

Game on!

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