Three Games In A Row

This weekend is very busy and exciting for me because I am playing in three sessions of roleplaying games: one on Saturday, another Sunday, and then a third on Monday. While I am sure it’ll be a good time, I am somewhat nervous that I will be worn thin from the effort.

Tonight is the final session of three playing in Imagine author Michael J. Tenery’s game being played across Discord and Roll20. It’s been a good adventure of survival in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world called Arastia. Undead, wild magic, and ruins everywhere make for a very cool environment. We just have to survive for three days… and there are two to go.

Tomorrow is the one-shot OSE game playing with all the rules behind the screen. Set in my new fantasy realm of Hiraeth, this game is rapidly becoming the beginning of a larger Open Table campaign. I’m looking forward to playing with three Patrons, two from Aus and one from the USA, and giving them a taste of deeper Otherworld-immersion.

Monday night is technically not the weekend but it is Session 22 of our Mystamyr campaign played using Mythras Classic Fantasy. This one continues our campaign in which the players are exploring the underground river caves previously inhabited by a Banshee. The group is excellent and I am looking forward to giving them a (hopefully) good evening.

What am I expressing? Self-doubt arises when I begin to stack up long periods of intense activity because, in the past, this has sometimes caused me to become exhausted. On the other hand, each game promises a rich session of play and fellowship with good people. Thus, it’s another element of experiment to explore my reactions.

What I am reassured by is my growing sense of how positively gaming affects my mood and sense of well-being in return for the mental energy expended. In that hope I am going forward to see how things work out. In the end, I can’t think of any greater magic than the wonder of fantasy roleplaying.

Game on!

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