Talk About Your Gaming

Roleplay Rescue began in November 2018 after I had been interviewed for the Megadungeon podcast. I was inspired by my experiences in running The Caverns of Thracia using B/X for the students at the school club.

The first session saw 8 new players at the table. By the third session it rose to 12 players. After the eighth session, the group was a steady 7 or 8 at the table out of about 14 players who came semi-regularly. It was wonderful to play, fast and furious, and the students loved it. And that’s not mentioning the two other groups of players, each around 4-5 students each, who were running other games in the same room.

Post-pandemic the students have largely all changed but the club is still 12-18 players in 3-5 groups. These days no one is playing B/X but there are games of D&D5e, Doctor Who, and Starfinder regularly running. My role shifted from active GM to facilitator. In the end, as I leave the school, the club is thriving with its own spirit and energy.

And my own hobby has moved on too. From having almost lost my home group to discovering a whole world of players and fellow GMs to learn from, my journey of discovery has been rich and surprising.

None of this wonder and change would have happened without the decision to start talking about the hobby. Whether with the kids at school, friends around where I live, or out into the podosphere via the podcast, I feel as though I have found my tribe. For this I am ever grateful.

Thank you to all who have gathered at, around, or within earshot of my table.

But here’s my point: talk about your gaming. We are all waiting for you to tell us what you enjoy and why. We’re probably hoping to join in. Don’t hold back. Share your hobby. Who knows who else you will inspire?

Game on!

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  1. I agree. There’s a lot to be gained by talking about our hobby. That said, it’s a realization that I’ve come to rather late in life.

    As a teen, I was guarded about my hobby. Oh sure, I had a select group of friends who I would discuss it with but beyond that I was mum. Growing up during the peak of the “Satanic Panic”, there was no telling how folks would react.

    As adulthood approached, I had less and less free time. Ultimately I lost touch with the hobby altogether.

    However, these past few years have brought me not only back to the hobby but to my senses as well. I’ve been very up front about my passion for the hobby and it has brought me a great deal of joy (not to mention a second gaming group.)

    I find these days that it’s a topic that really disarms people. People come out of the woodwork once it becomes a topic of conversation and you really meet some nice people.


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