Maps, Tokens, and VTT Stuff

Today was one big delve into figuring out how to add characters to Foundry, re-learning how to build maps using art tiles in GIMP, and coming up with some custom tokens for the VTT heroes. All-in-all, I feel good… despite the colossal time-sink that mucking around with VTTs always proves to be. But the end product, well, that is promising.

This image is a section from my first VTT map in a few years. Built using the excellent “Save Vs. Caverns” tile sets by Gabriel Pickard, I was able to harness the power of GIMP to make something I could upload to Foundry. A nudge from a friend towards Copper Dragon Games’ video on how to do it was all it took.

From here, I was able to import the map and learn how to add walls for the dynamic lighting in Foundry. Dropping in tokens, I was able to fiddle around and see how the VTT provides a pretty slick interface which is a million times more intuitive than Roll20. By the end of the morning, I was learning to customise my own tokens and encouraged enough to try to build a second map.

The Mystamyr game has some pretty big dungeon maps for the players to explore. Previously, I have been running the game largely in theatre of the mind but it has become clear that the players love to interact with the map in the VTT. Although re-imagining those dungeon maps will take a fair bit of time, I learned today how I might be able to get a little more done with much less time.

I am encouraged. Maybe the Classic Fantasy game run using Foundry can work. After yesterday’s plunge, I have come up for air and find myself excited to see what I can do. Given that the locations I build can be re-used throughout the campaign, offering players many visits to places that they will eventually come to know in detail, it might just be worth the effort to build the maps.

Fingers crossed.

Game on!

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