Roleplay Rescue Moves

Just a quick update to let listeners of the Roleplay Rescue podcast know that I have moved the show to a new host called Acast. If everything goes to plan, regular listeners shouldn’t notice any real change in their podcatcher feeds because the whole thing is happening in the background… but, you know, openness and transparency matters.

Acast is the world’s leading independent podcast company. It’s based in Europe. It offers podcasters many options to monetise their podcasts, but I am not really interested in all that.

For me, the decision to move from Anchor – itself once independent but then bought by Spotify – is a decision to remain independent. As a non-US podcaster, Anchor never delivered on all the services and promises it made and it’s time to switch to a host who already has.

Anchor’s best feature was that it was free and it offered call-ins. Right now, at least for a while, you can still call in to the show via Anchor. But I’ve also created an alternative call-in route via Speakpipe that you can access by clicking on – and that link sits at the top of the sidebar on this blog. You can record for 90 seconds, which is 30 seconds longer than on Anchor.

Acast also allows me to have more than one podcast. I’m not sure I will need that feature, but I am highly tempted to speak out on the other great passion of my life – teaching and learning – and thus this gives me the room to do so down the line.

I hope you’ll be ok with the change and that you’ll continue to listen. Thanks for all your support through the past few years!

Game on!

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