Sometimes I just don’t have any energy left for anything. This feels like a crushing weight of disappointment, mostly with myself, for not having any desire or drive to do the things I usually enjoy. I call it empty.

Sometimes the day at work would appear to the outsider to have been a good one. You had a good ride, delivering the goods and connecting with those who needed your connection. But at the end, you just feel empty. Most people are oblivious to your true state.

And, of course, you are oblivious to their true state too. We all get so wrapped up in our own heads that we can’t really see, hear, or recognise the people around us. We forget that our stuff is just one human being’s experience in a whole host of stuff that matters to the other seven billion human beings on this little rock.

And, of course, underneath all of that there’s the thought – the suspicion at least – that all this stuff you care about, believe in, and are trying to do is meaningless.

The best advice I have come across for these moments is simple:

“Don’t just do something, sit there!”

Dr Judson Brewer, “Unwinding Anxiety” (2021)

Sit quiet. Sit tight. Allow yourself to rest.

And that’s what I am doing this evening. Because it has been one of those days when I just don’t have any energy left for anything. And that’s ok.

Game on!

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