All In The Journey

All the joy and richness of life exists in the journey.

Today I awoke in the small hours of the morning and sat down to read a chapter of a book my wife had bought me for our anniversary. Unable to sleep, by 4.40am I was heading out of the door to go for a run. By the time I got back, inspired by the cold winter’s morning and thoughts that I had been mulling all week, I sat down to work on a podcast episode.

My wife took me to the movies today, out to see the utter bunkum of “Moonfall”, and there is a definite energy about the possibilities this evening. As I sit here at the end of the day, the whole span of the past 24 hours has re-invigorated my imagination and spun me into a fun project that I sincerely hope will give me the energy to enter the next working week.

It’s easy to believe that you are at the end of things, that the chips are down, and that you’re not going to make it. But as my friend Jason says, “Depression lies.”

All the joy and richness of life exists in the journey. You never can tell quite what possibilities each day will bring. What I am learning, albeit so very fractionally and slowly, is that you need to get out of bed, to explore each day with an open heart and mind.

Thank you for showing up to read what I have to say. Now, go and do something amazing.

Game on!

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