December Podcast News

Season 10 of Roleplay Rescue is in production – actually, it has been for a few weeks now. The best news is that Episode 1 “What’s It For?” goes live on Saturday 18th December at 3am GMT. I’m busily scribbling notes for episodes and the first two shows are in the can (as they say).

As we run towards Christmas, especially once we hit the school holidays, I’ll be able to put aside more time to record. One of the requests that arose from the recent Patrons and Friends Zoom Chat was for me to do a few more interviews. I’m delighted to say I already have one – with author Christopher R. Rice – recorded and in editing. I’m pretty open to suggestions for further interviews in the coming weeks.

It’s great to be back at the mic too! I have felt a positivity about my delve into some different approaches to gaming and it’ll be fun to see what the listeners think. Thanks – as ever – to all the Roleplay Rescue Patrons who keep the show funded and me encouraged!

Game on!

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