Heading Out Rimward

It started with a whim. A few days ago I was thinking about all of the Mongoose Traveller books I own for the Third Imperium universe and how I have, since I was about 10 years old, wanted to run a game there. Aged 50, I think it’s about time I began.

And then this arrived on the Mongoose website, giving me a final push:

This morning I posted some early thoughts (onto Discord) about the kind of game I want to create and offer.

I am… undecided as to whether to prepare for a Military Campaign – probably some Mercs out on the Solomani Front dealing with suppressing uprisings and oppressing primitive alien species, and negotiating Tickets with the Imperium or the Solomani Confederation – OR an Exploration Campaign – most likely also out on the Solomani Front but pushing an exploration vessel out into uncharted space rimward from the Confederation and opening up new colonial worlds.

A couple of friends have expressed an interest and we have arrived at the rough idea of an exploration campaign out on the Confederation’s rimward border. We’re going to use the revised “Traveller Core Rules Update 2022” rules and explore the worlds ripe for colonisation.

This will likely be a Christmas holiday game – a bit of a start slow and play when we can find the time kind of a project. But I am energised and curious. I want to see what might emerge if we head out into uncharted space from the basis of the Third Imperium universe… which is a bit of a weird thought too. I mean, why head away from all that published material? In short, it’s a starting point.

Game on!


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