Return To Moonspike Tower

When I wrote Moonspike Tower, it was the first piece of the larger puzzle that became The Terror Of Ettinmarsh. What most people don’t realise is that, originally, Moonspike Tower was part of the same manuscript. It was pulled during editing to cut down the word count for publication. Moonspike Tower was designed first and, even today, it’s still my favourite part of the adventure.

Today, I was preparing to run the Mystamyr game on Monday night. The party has approached Moonspike Tower, and its current inhabitants, in a largely spontaneous diversion from their earlier adventures. They’ve spent two sessions outside in the marshes and been fighting the Orcs they encountered guarding the tower itself… not to mention killing an Ogre with the classic “levitate the monster and drop it” technique.

As part of my preparations I have been considering how to restock the location and… well, I don’t want to spoil anything for the players who are also readers but I was pretty pleased to re-read the original work.

I had forgotten how much time and love went into writing it. Perhaps it’s a little derivative for some reviewers, but that was the point: the original brief was to write a D&D-esque module for Mythras Classic Fantasy. I’m truly glad the Moonspike bit got published, even as an add-on.

My learning today was a reminder that it’s not a problem to revisit an old location and re-present the adventure site. You can change it loads or you can simply tweak the details, but the big positive is that the location maps and core world background are always useful for reuse.

This time the party knows there are Orcs inside… but they don’t know what other horrors or surprises await. I’m mostly just hoping that no one has read the module recently. That’d be a bit of a shame.

Game on!

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