Good Service: F-Side Games

Just received a very nice Dungeon Crawls Classic Starter Packet from F-Side Games and I wanted to log the excellent service I received with this order.

It’s a short story: there are three booklets in that packet but I accidentally missed ordering the freebie one when I ordered the other two. I spotted the error and ordered the extra freebie and had to pay the £1.50 postage for a small order – I shrugged and tried not to let it bother me. All good.

F-Side Games emailed me later that day and this was the note:

Hi Che,

I was going to ask you if you wanted the free Adventure Pack. Obviously you do. So I’m going to cancel this order, and put it in with the other bits.



The next day I received a notification of despatch. I also received a refund for the postage. The books arrived today. This is good service. It’s not what you expect anymore from many companies – it’s the kind of thoughtful personalised care that is much less common than it should be. I truly appreciated it.

And the books arrived in that lovely wrap, in a nice solid flat box for armour, inside a couple of days. Excellent. Thank you, F-Side Games.

Who are they? Fannyside Games is a small independent games store based on the shores of a Scottish loch. On account of our “out of the way” location, they operate over the net, and deliver games to their customers. If you live in the UK, please consider using them when you can.

Game on!

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