BRP 2023

More of a product awareness post, I wanted to note that this morning I grabbed the new edition of Basic Roleplaying (BRP) from Chaosium in .PDF format. As a long-time fan of these rules, I wanted to support the publisher and see if the book is an improvement on the old Gold Book.

Of course, wading through a couple of hundred pages is going to take time so a review will have to wait. What I will say is that a cursory read of the Character Creation chapter makes it appear that the game is (as you would expect) largely unchanged – although I’m grateful that Appearance has gone and Charisma is back! The book is probably about half the page count though, so something has changed. My hope is that it the result of a damn good edit.

My intention is to use the new book with my ongoing solo fantasy game – the one that began in Crag’s Ruin and was inspired by the original 1980 BRP 16-page rule booklet. It’s not that I am expecting any particular changes, but if the new book covers all my needs then I think I can see me letting go of the old Gold Book in the coming weeks once the new print edition is released.

If nothing else, this is a nudge back to my solo game and a reason to roll 1d100 once again.

Game on!

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