Campaign Law

I lost my copy of Rolemaster’s “Character & Campaign Law” somewhere around the time I moved to Nottingham to work for Games Workshop. Yesterday, I found it again.

In the 1980s, I loved Rolemaster! Goriel Swiftfoot, my Halfling Thief, slew the Balrog of Moria while we were playing a 24-hour charity session playing this game. It’s the single most memorable event of my player career in roleplaying. It as ridiculous, of course, but that was part of the charm.

Getting back into Rolemaster in the 2000s, I picked up the revised 2006 edition of Character Law from Iron Crown Enterprises but it was missing what I remembered of Campaign Law. I have been wanting to re-read that section of the original from 1987 ever since. Today, I finally have it to read again.

It’s interesting to me because, apart from revisiting advice on setting up a campaign, I realise that the flavour of much of what I am looking for in my roleplaying is found in Rolemaster. I think the combat system of the game – or, more precisely, the way the combat round is organised – is perhaps a little too clunky for my tastes today but there are loads of elements I still love.

I hoping that rediscovering my lost Rolemaster hobby will help me to dig deeper into the World I am trying to create and the kinds of games I am trying to run. Even if my memory has failed me and it turns out to be less than great advice, I am really glad that I have this opportunity to revisit it.

Game on!

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