Missing The Friday Night Table

The thing I miss most about the pre-pandemic world is the Friday Night Gaming group sitting around my dining table and rolling dice.

One of many incarnations of the FNG in action

Over the years, many different people have come to sit at the table and taken part in games offered by myself and other GMs. It’s not always been easy and it wasn’t always entirely what I expected, but the camaraderie was real.

As I sit here thinking back over the years, it’s sad to reflect that I had to cancel the sessions in early March 2020 and that, since that time, we have never been able to reconvene. As things stand, it seems unlikely that this particular form of play will return to my life anytime soon.

While online gaming has been good – very different but positive – there is nothing quite like rolling real dice, looking the players in the eyes, and sensing the mood of the table with more than your eyes and ears.

I wonder if we’ll ever recapture what lockdowns interrupted?

Game on.


  1. I miss gaming in person as well. My group switched to Skype & voice only (not everyone has a webcam) and while it has its advantages (we add a lot of images and things during the game that would not otherwise get there) it is just not the same. We’re also a bit more dispersed now as some people moved, so this does allow us to keep playing when otherwise we would not.

    But I miss rolling dice in front of people.

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  2. I feel your pain. I miss the Friday night games with you and the occasional weekend games with the guys I’ve been Roleplaying with since the 1980s. While I’ve enjoyed being able to play more often with the explosion of online sessions since the pandemic started I agree that the dynamic is different. Personally I’m expecting face to face gaming to start up again this year 🙂

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