Pig Orcs Rule

This is a totally extraneous thought but… Pig Orcs Rule!

We were out today at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park and I saw this:

Which, of course, made me exclaim: “Pig plays D&D!”

But then I was reminded of this:

Which is, of course, one of the delicious line of Pig-Faced Orcs from Otherworld Miniatures and something I would love to have on the table.

And so here we are…

Call me old-fashioned, but I like Pig-Faced Orcs. Especially when I see a Warty Pig rolling a big D20 around a mud field.

Game on!

One comment

  1. I love the old Minifig pig-faced orcs from the original World of Greyhawk. We had hordes of them and slaughtered them in waves on our table.


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