Delvers For School

Going in to school this morning, and thinking about the club, I was musing about the fact there’s a Dungeon Fantasy RPG box set sitting in the cupboard. We played with it about 2 years ago and the students at the time loved it.

From the thinking I had done about the GURPS GoKit and the Hexengrad, I was reflecting how the teens generally seem to prefer the fantasy genre – it is, after all, the D&D Club. Then… boom!

How obvious! I could use the DFRPG set alongside the Mook’s Quick Character Generation with ease. But, hang on, I could also step up to using Doug Cole’s excellent “Delvers To Grow” with almost no fuss. I had been talking this up prior to the Kickstarter and then forgotten about it.

And then… bam! Another thought arrived! Add in the hexed index cards that GM Shadow had mentioned and use those to create 6’x4′ mini dungeon maps. In fact, given how the goal is to have an Open Table, why not make this whole thing a multiple section dungeon by linking together several index card maps to form a sort of geomorphic design?

Welcome to the Explorer’s Society! Below the citadel lie entrances to the ancient tombs of the Old Ones. Explorers are being sent deep into the tombs to look for gold and other secrets. This could easily be (for want of a better word) a megadungeon.

Later, when flipping the rear pages of the Exploits book from DFRPG, I saw the room key forms – including the random table forms – and paf! Another realisation! I could key the index card hex maps, for sure… or I could set up random keys and make the whole exploration a truly emergent experience.

And that’s the rough outline plan.

An Open Table megadungeon game built incrementally, section by section, on index card maps. Characters created quickly by offering choices to build a hero using the Delvers To Grow templates, but I think I might need to transfer those choices to index cards for quickly putting them in front of the kids. Top it off with random tables and lots of on-the-fly improv.

Sounds like fun to me.

Game on!

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