On Dice

I really and genuinely love dice! I’ve written and spoken about this before, so it’s not like that should be a surprise to anyone. But there is something magical and amazing about the joy that erupts within me when I get to roll dice.

For this reason, I have returned to rolling real dice at the virtual gaming table. As amazing as it can be to watch the 3D digital dice wander across the screen, accompanied by a suitably digital sound effect, there really is no substitute for rolling the real thing. Perhaps the greatest privilege in being the referee of my recent games played with all the rules behind the screen has been the fact that I was the one charged with rolling all the dice.

There is a genuine tactile pleasure for me when I hold dice in my hand. I love the sound as they rattle together, just before the roll. The clatter of the dice as they strike the wooden table is a delight to me. The reactions we feel as we invoke this ritual of gaming are wondrous. While I miss the face-to-face meetings for more than just this particular invocation, the reality of rolling dice together is something special.

As I begin my weekend and plan my gaming, putting away the distractions of work and the stresses of the week gone by, the dice are calling me back. I carry some dice in my pocket, of course, but now is the time to roll them with purpose. What decisions will they be employed to make? What surprises will they deliver? I can’t wait to find out.

Game on!

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