Secrets Of The Ancients

Received the latest iteration of Mongoose Publishing’s “Secrets Of The Ancients” campaign this week and it has reminded me how I was enjoying playing in the Third Imperium setting around Christmas 2021.

This is a hefty tome with lots of great looking ideas and art! Although the campaign has been around ever since first edition of Mongoose Traveller, I have yet to play it… or even read it. But I want to get into it more deeply.

In a week where I have been seriously questioning my hobby full stop, getting this book was a solid reminder of how cool a roleplaying game world / universe can be.

Game on!


  1. The artwork by Mongoose is beautiful but as you mentioned this specific campaign style module has been around a lot longer than Mongoose version 1. It has been around since 1984 under GDW Classic Traveller.It is adventure 12. I really think a creative GM could still harvest the old material and apply it to any 2D6 engine system of their choice.

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