Unboxing D&D Essentials

As I said the other day, there are lots of pieces of content that I create which are too long for a DM’s Diary episode but also not really the kind of material that I’d want to put on the main Anchor podcast for fear of cluttering up the main episode stream.

This episode was a Patreon exclusive for about a week and then become open, free content for anyone who could be bothered to hop on over and listen to it. I realised, however, that finding these bonuses isn’t very easy if you don’t know what’s available. Patrons who use the personalised RSS feed from Patreon find all these episodes pop into their Patreon feed automatically, so life is easier if you are a Patron. For everyone else, I thought you might like to see them collected on the blog. To find them all, hit the “Bonus Audio” category.

This is me unboxing and evaluating the D&D5e Essentials Kit from the point of view of a school teacher who is running a school club for 11-18 year old gamers. In some ways, my views have shifted a little since, but it’s still a worthwhile listen.

Patron Bonus #2: Unboxing & Evaluating D&D Essentials (for D&D5e).

Hope you enjoy! 

Game on!

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