Rolling Up Alfaz

While my Dungeon Master’s Diary episodes contain the majority of my ramblings into the open mic, I do tend to produce several longer pieces which are not necessarily appropriate for the podcast proper. Not wanting to waste my recordings, I decided to try dropping some bonus content into my Patreon feed.

This episode was a Patreon exclusive for about a week and then become open, free content for anyone who could be bothered to hop on over and listen to them. I realised, however, that finding these bonuses isn’t very easy if you don’t know what’s available. Patrons who use the personalised RSS feed from Patreon find all these episodes pop into their Patreon feed automatically, so life is easier if you are a Patron.  For everyone else, I thought you might like to see them collected on the blog. To find them all, hit the “Bonus Audio” category.

This first one is an actual play of me rolling up a Traveller character using Mongoose Traveller 2nd Edition. I hope you find it amusing… I know I did.

Patron Bonus #1: Rolling Up Alfaz (for Traveller)

Hope you enjoy! 

Game on!

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